College. Need I Say More?


Hello! Welcome back to Planet Gabrielle.

Wow – it’s been like forever.

I know I’ve done like the ultimate ghosting on you guys. For that, I apologize. Everything has just been super crazy lately. Each time I thought I was ready to write a new blog post, something new was happening in my life. Let’s see…I graduated from high school, (yeah even though I’m home schooled I still celebrated…in my own “weird” way) I got my first job in fashion retail, which was (for the most part) awesome. I can literally write multiple posts about my experience with that. However, I think I’ll just stick to one. I’ll write that soon.

Also one of the biggest things to ever happen in Gabrielle history has occurred.

I started college!

Not just any college either. I am now a full time student at the school of my dreams, the Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham. Everyone who really, really, really knows me, (which is very few people, by the way) knows that I’ve been wanting to attend the Art Institute since I was 8 or 9 years old. It was this long term goal that I always carried with me. After a while, I was beginning to think that it was just a pipe dream. Now, I’m actually a student. Can you believe it? One of little Gabrielle’s dreams has come true! Now all I need is a life time supply of chocolate chip mint ice cream, talking stuffed animals and all the stickers, glitter, notebooks and crayons in the world. Then and only then will the little girl that lives inside of me, be satisfied.

So how’s school going?

Well, it’s…going.

Honestly, the best part was the transition. It was a dramatic change, yes, but not too dramatic. I mean, have you been to the AI in Raleigh-Durham? Needless to say, it’s a shoe box compared to Duke, NCCU, or any other college in NC. Personally, I think it’s the perfect size. Not to mention Mellow Mushroom is just a hop, skip and a jump away. You can get one slice of pizza for just $1.99. Um, yes please!

My first day, I was super stressed. You see, since I’m in the fashion program, I have this huge suitcase-like thingy-ma-jig that I thought I’d have to lug around all day, everyday. Nevertheless, I decided at the last minute not to take it. I thought that if I did end up needing it that day, I could have just played the bewildered freshman card. Of course, I found out that I didn’t need all my supplies on the first day.

Thank God.

Ever since my first day, I’ve gotten into this little rhythm. Its almost cruel that I have a completely different schedule for next quarter. Of course, I have to say that I’m sooooo excited for the classes I’m taking next quarter. I’m taking this fashion history class and I think that I’m literally going to spontaneously burst from excitement. Fashion and history in one class?


I love everything about college. Well, at least I did. That is until I was introduced to the stressful, painful and horrifying experience that is finals.

I am currently afraid for my life.

I have so much work to do and so little time to do it. The weeks have been flying by so fast. It’s Monday and the next thing I know, its Monday again! Like is there some sort of time vacuum that colleges use to fluff with the minds of the dedicated students? I honestly want to know. If there is such a device, we can destroy it together.

I’ll end this post by saying, prepare for a new era of Planet Gabrielle. A lot of college angst, bigger words (maybe…don’t hold me to that) and fashion! I think it makes sense to write about fashion since I am majoring in fashion marketing and management. That should be fun!

Until next time! Always remember, you’re perfect. Perfectly you. ❤


A Black Girl’s Experience at The Art Museum

Hello! Welcome to Planet Gabrielle.

It’s been a while! I’ve missed you guys! It feels like it’s been years, when really it’s only been months. But seriously, a few months is still a long time…well, to me it is anyway.

So I kind of took a little break from blogging. It was much needed, actually – I was trying to keep my blog up and write a second manuscript, and go to work a my new job. But oh yeah, I don’t have a job anymore! Why don’t I have my job anymore? Well, I’ll tell you all about that, but some other time.

Today, I wanted to talk about something that happened to me this past Friday.

Most people who know me, (and I mean really, really know me) know one thing about me.

I’m a nerd.

I love history and art. I literally spent the majority of 4th grade drilling myself on who all the presidents were and fun facts about all 50 states. And of course, I’ve always loved art. When I was little, I wanted to be an artist. But the sad thing is, I can’t exactly draw…so that didn’t work out for me.

But I guess writing is some form of art, if you think about it.

Anyway, I was really excited because my mom and I agreed that we were going to this relatively new art museum last Friday. It was actually one of the big things I was looking forward to last week.

So, we get to the museum and everything is going great. It’s beautiful – both inside and out. We first stopped by the gift shop, where we saw a lot of handmade jewelry. I thought that was pretty cool.

And after window shopping for a while, we went to look at the art. Now, we originally were going to look at the Egyptian artifacts that were on display. But instead, we ended up looking at almost every single piece that was in that building.

We started with the Italian art and there seemed to be A LOT of it. Which I sort of didn’t mind. I like Italy, I like art. So why complain?

Next to the Italian art, was the Flemish and Dutch work. We weren’t exactly planning on going over there, but later we did when I thought I saw a picture of Joan of Arc. And I was right because I know my girl when I see her.

Anyways, we go on to look at the Egyptian art. I actually found it quite strange, because later when we looked at the African art, I realized that the two were separated. Maybe the museum didn’t want to offend anyone by grouping Egypt and Africa together but hey, look! Here’s a map for ya:



I know this is a crazy thought, but it looks to me that Egypt is actually IN Africa!


But I assume that either the museum was in denial, or they didn’t want upset the people who were. I would go on about this, but that’s a completely different story.

The African art was wonderful, of course. (I was going to say the Egyptian art and  African art as if they are separate…but come on. You guys saw the map. Need I say more?)

I have always loved going to museums and experiencing all the different cultures.

But you know, I realized something right as we were about to leave – I didn’t see any Asian artwork. I mean, it would make sense for them to have just a few pieces there since they were including everybody else, right?

So, as we were on our way out the door, we sort of stumbled into this section that we hadn’t visited. There was plenty of modern American art – including some work from a Japanese-American artist. But the piece was something I was not expecting.

I would explain it to you, but a picture is worth a thousand words so…




Blackface “artwork.”

Okay, so blackface is apparently still a modern day issue..for some reason. The sad thing is that most people don’t see it as an issue at all. Furthermore, some people even see it as art.

I didn’t read the entire description next to this painting. I couldn’t. I was honestly so enraged. I had to walk away before the lurking security guard saw how upset I was. Because I was on the verge of being escorted out of the building.

The small portion of the description I did read, explained that this painting was done by a Japanese-American who happens to be a fan of rap music/culture. Okay, that’s fine. I get it. There are plenty of different people who love rap and hip hop. But honestly, I think the painting would have been much better off if the people were wearing baggy jeans, gold chains around their necks and carrying boomboxes on their shoulders. Not this. If you want to pay homage to us, DO NOT do something like this. And they have the nerve to have afros and cornrows. As if blackface wasn’t enough!

Blackface always has been and always will be offensive to me. Not to mention, it’s pretty scary. I mean, it looks so unnatural and it’s always freaked me out. Why would someone want to do blackface? I guess I might never truly understand.

All in all, I just hope the museum takes it down one day – one day very soon. I don’t think they would want to be known as the museum that thinks blackface is okay.

And that thinks Egypt is not apart of Africa…

You know something? After getting this off my chest, I’m not even mad anymore. But that doesn’t mean others will take too kindly to this painting. I might still send the museum an email, just warning them that they might offend more visitors in the future with this piece. Not sure if they’ll listen to me or not – but you never know. I understand that the artist meant well. Nevertheless, whenever I think back to this trip to the art museum, I will always think of this painting. I don’t even know if I want to go back, to be honest. Only time will tell.

The point of this post was just to share an experience I recently had. If anyone is offended by this post then…well, it’s not like that hasn’t happened before. Feel free to share your opinions with me!

Anyway, that’s all for today! Check back soon for new posts! Posting every first Friday of the month…for now.

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And always remember, you’re perfect. Perfectly you! ❤






5 Major Struggles in the Complicated Life of A Young Writer

Hello! Welcome to Planet Gabrielle.

It sure does feel good to be blogging again! I really did miss it. And I missed you guys! So before we start, I wanted to tell you guys something:

I got a job!

Writing is already such a huge part of what I do, but I wanted go get a little something else. It’s not the most fabulous job, (it’s at Food Lion) but it’s a job! And I think it’s going to be really good for me. And I haven’t been there long, but the people seem to be nice and my boss is awesome.

Don’t worry, I’m still going to try my best to make time to blog! And if I can’t blog, I’ll let you guys know in advance on my Facebook page.

Now, let’s get to the good part.

Like I’ve already said, writing is very important to me. It’s more important to me than any boy, more important than getting a full night’s rest (oh what’s the big deal? at night is when I get most of my good writing done anyway. I’ll sleep for 8 hours one night soon…) and it’s even more important to me than music. I can’t believe I just said that, but after giving it some thought, it’s the truth.

When adults look at me, they see a teenager (sometimes.) When my peers look at me, they see someone like them…or at least they try to. But in reality, I feel as if I’m in a world alone.

Think about it, I got my first contract with a publisher when I was 16 years old. Sounds quite accomplished, doesn’t it? I couldn’t be more excited about becoming a published author. It’s what I’ve been waiting for my whole life. The drawers full of notebooks, journals, foo foo pens and scraps of paper have led up to this moment. On the contrary, it places me in a brand new social position.

Sometimes people my age get weird when I tell explain to them what I do. Some believe that I think I’m better than them, or that I think more of myself than I ought. I can assure you, this is not the least bit true. I’m not sure if everyone can understand my life – is it already very different, minus the fact that I’m almost a published author now. But I don’t mind explaining it – or at least attempting to.

So here’s a glimpse into my life.

I present to you: 5 Major Struggles in the Complicated Life of A Young Writer!

1. When You Have A Book Deadline

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always had respect for published authors. But you never really realize how much every author has had to go through until you go through it yourself.

When I wrote my first manuscript, I was so scared that I literally cut off everything and everyone. I didn’t know if I was going to ever finish, and the story seemed to go on forever.

And my only mood was:

It got to the point where one night, I just busted out crying. I was frustrated, I was stressed, and I was completely unsure of myself. After I knocked down that emotional wall, the process seemed to be a bit smoother and I was a lot less worried.

Of course, there are some people out there who are not going to understand this. If you’re a writer, you know what I mean. Writing can be an emotional thing. And sometimes, it can be frustrating when you can’t find the words to write, or how to finish a piece. Every writer is different – some like complete silence while they are working. Others like sound – they keep the TV on, or they have a writing play list.

Me? I like to turn on Spotify. For the manuscript that I just finished in November, I made a play list for each character along with just a writing play list. It’s actually a lot of fun. Also, when I’m under deadline, I don’t like to talk very long – I have limited conversations because I have to remain mentally present in the world I created. I’m not trying to be rude at all, but some people believe that I am. Therefore, I like to only talk to my friends and even my family when I’m not in the middle of writing. As long as you don’t interrupt me while I’m in the middle of a scene, then we’re good.

But if you do interrupt me – beware.


2. Sorry For Not Letting You Use Me

It’s nice being celebrated by friends and family when a publisher wants to take you on. But it isn’t so fun when they want you to “hook them up.”

Believe it or not, I did work to get where I am. Some might not believe this because of who my mother is, but it’s true. I kept up a daily blog, I put myself out there, I even wrote some fanfiction, which helped me gather my wonderful and adorable readers. This is how I got to where I am.

And not to mention, I wrote my manuscript. This was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Not because it was so much writing, but because I have never really sat down and focused on just one story. I used to work a little bit on several different manuscripts, not being able to finish one.

I feel like I put in a lot of work. This is my passion. So I’m sorry if I’m not going to just let you ride my back so you can get to where you want to be. And what makes it even worse, is that the people who have wanted for me to help them, don’t want to put in the work of writing a synopsis, let alone a manuscript.

If someone asked me for help, and they were determined, serious, and they have been working on perfecting their craft, then I wouldn’t mind at least trying to help them. Becoming an author isn’t something just happens overnight. It takes hard work – you have to pour everything you are into your work, or there’s no need to do it.

So don’t be mad at me if I don’t feel like being your free book coach, checking your grammar, or reading more than two pages of something. Please, just don’t. No thank you.

3. Seeing Your Characters IRL

Sometimes when I write a story, I like to think of celebrities that may look similar to the main character that I have created. It’s just nice to have a real life representation of what the people living in your head look like, before they move onto a word document.

For example, in Mismatched, my main female character looks like me. So as I was writing, I imagined myself doing and saying everything she was. But when it came to her boyfriend type person, I literally had no idea who to think of. Like, no celebrity or person I knew came to mind. I wish I knew someone like him because we would be cute together, just saying.

So it was pretty awesome when I went into Subway of all places, and one of the guys who worked there looked almost exactly how I imagined my character to look. He was missing the piercings, but he did have some tattoos! He even took my order and made my sandwich and I just kept staring at him the whole time. Literally, I was not trying to be a stalker, but you would stare too if you saw someone who you’ve written about but have never actually met before.

4. Sending In Your Manuscript

I’m not gonna lie, this is one of the best feelings in the entire world. On the contrary, when you have been working on a project for months and putting your all into it, you can sometimes feel rather empty when you let it go. Sometimes if you’re not careful, you’ll start to miss it.

It’s a beautiful thing, especially if you’re going through this for the first time. I finished my first manuscript in early November, and I barely rested for the holidays. Now, I’m working on something new. I just like working – is that so wrong?


5. Waiting For The Next Step


Waiting to see what your publisher thinks of your story is probably one of the most awkward things I’ve ever done. Everyday, I wonder who could possibly reading my manuscript now, if they like it, if they hate it, and if they think the story is stupid, etc. Maybe it’s just me since I am after all Gabrielle. I literally stress out over every little thing and I’m a major perfectionist when it comes to my work. Every other second, I think about a scene I could have written better, or something I forgot to add, and I wonder if my story line is confusing.

But the only thing I can do right now is work on what I have in front of me, continue waiting patiently, and hope for the best.


Well, that concludes this blog post! It was rather long, I know. But we did talk about writing, and as you guys know, that’s kind of my thing. I hope you enjoyed reading it, though!

Don’t forget to hit me up on social media! I could always use some new Twitter friends! I also have a FB and Instagram!

Until next time! I hope you have one awesome week! And always remember, you’re perfect. Perfectly you! ❤

Hi 2016!

Hello! Welcome to Planet Gabrielle.

So it’s been a while! How’s it going? Oh yeah, Happy New Year!

I know I haven’t blogged in a zillion years. But I had to take a much needed break. Now that it’s 2016 and the holidays and stuff are over, it’s time for me to get back to writing.

This particular post isn’t anything super duper special. It’s just a little something to let you all know that I’m still here! By the way, I’m thinking of (finally) starting a YouTube channel this year. I dunno, I think that would be kind of fun! I will keep you guys posted!

In the meantime, hit me up on Twitter, FB, or Instagram if I wanna! I’ll be back on the 25th of January with something brand new!

I hope that you’re enjoying your new year so far. And no matter what this year may bring, always remember you’re perfect. Perfectly you! ❤

5 Reasons Why I Don’t Like Halloween

Hello! Welcome to Planet Gabrielle.

Okay, so I know I haven’t blogged in the longest time. I’ve feel like I’ve lost so many readers and so much of my audience. But most of you know that I have been working on something so big, that I haven’t had time for anything but that project.

On the contrary, I’m coming to an end of working on this project. For now anyway. And since there have been a few things that have been bothering me lately, I thought that I would do what I do best.

Blog about it.

So basically, I have a love/hate relationship with the month of October. I love that it starts to get cold outside, (because summer is so awful and I strongly dislike it) I get to start wearing boots, black tights and oversized sweaters, and pumpkin spice lattes are in season! October is literally so perfect in every way. The only thing I don’t like about October is the holiday that everyone seems to love so much: Halloween.

Go ahead, gasp in disbelief. I’m used to that reaction.

I’ve never celebrated Halloween in my life, and honestly, I would never want to. It’s just not how I was raised. Why would I want to celebrate Satan, Lord of the dead? Remember, I’m a “crazy Christian girl” so that’s like no.

Since everyone I’ve ever known loves Halloween, (doesn’t matter if they’re a believer or not) I decided to blog about the struggles of being the only one who strongly dislikes this holiday.

So I present to you…

5 Reasons Why I Don’t Like Halloween!

Having To Tell Everyone

No, I can’t come to the Halloween party, no I don’t want any Halloween candy. You know why? Because I don’t celebrate Halloween.

People have so many different reactions when I tell them that I don’t like/celebrate one of the biggest holidays of the year. They either feel sorry for me, or they can’t even begin to imagine a life without the candy and demon filled day. Really, it’s not that bad. The worst part of it all, is having to tell the people who just assume that you celebrate it just like everybody else. Like come on guys. There are plenty of people who don’t celebrate their birthdays, Christmas or even Thanksgiving. We all have our reasons. Why must you question me?

And by the way, don’t offer me any Halloween candy, either. The last time I had something with jack-o-lantern wrapping paper back in elementary school, I got sick.

Christians Who Actually Think It’s Okay

Alright, so the one thing I’ve never really understood ever since I was a little girl, is why there are people who call themselves Christians who celebrate Halloween. I’m sorry, but that just doesn’t make much sense to me. And hosting a “Trick or Trunk” in the parking lot of a church doesn’t make things any better.

When I was in elementary school and I had to explain to my friends that I didn’t want to go trick or treating with them, they asked me why I didn’t celebrate Halloween. After I told them that my mother didn’t want for my brother and I to participate, (btw I am old enough to decide now. Just like sexual abstinence, it’s my choice) they told me that their parents didn’t feel too good about the holiday either. Several of them actually repeated their mothers’ words to me, saying, “Halloween is the devil’s birthday.”

Okay…and is that supposed to be some kind of sign from God that it’s totally okay to participate? Sorry, but I guess I never got the memo.

It’s Literally Everywhere. Like, everywhere.

Even some people who do celebrate Halloween notice this.

Halloween decorations, candy and costumes begin to surface around my birthday, which is in August. Halloween being one of my least favorite things ever, you can only imagine how much this upsets me. It’s like how am I supposed to have a happy birthday when I go in Walmart and there’s a green witch or zombie waiting for me around every corner? Like, eww no.

Things start to progress during September, and there are more decorations of demons, ghosts of death, large hairy spiders (which I do not like any time of the year) and gross green witches. Halloween slowly but surely begins to take over.

By the time October comes around, the count down to Halloween begins. Also, by this time, we’re all being suffocated by Halloween commercials, advertisements, and just orange and black stuff everywhere. Not a single day goes by in October where the topic of Halloween doesn’t come up at least three time a day. Doesn’t matter if it’s in a face to face conversation, on social media, or on television.

There is literally no chill.

It’s especially awkward when you’ve never celebrated Halloween. You have to go around looking forward to everything going back to normal the next month.

Trick or Treaters

I lived the majority of my childhood years in the same house. Therefore, after a while, everyone in the neighborhood just kinda knew that my family wasn’t going to be answering the door Halloween night, let alone give out any candy.

When we moved, it was kind of weird because the new neighbors we had, didn’t know that my family and I don’t celebrate Halloween. Last September, we moved to some place new. When Halloween night came around, I could literally feel the trick or treaters coming. So I took the liberty in taking a blank white sheet of paper, and writing in Sharpie, “NO TRICK OR TREATERS” and I even drew a big black cross. Maybe some people might think that’s mean. But it’s not – it’s just the way I am. And you better know that I’m doing to be doing the same thing this year. I can’t wait. #crazychristiangirl.

Feeling Strangely Left Out

Even though I’ve never celebrated Halloween, (and probably never will) it feels really weird when my friends would talk about their Halloween plans in front of me. They would talk about their costumes, the parties they were going to attend, stuff like that. It’s like, I know I’m not celebrating this demonic holiday, but seriously. Sometimes it feels like people talk about it in front of me just to see if they can get me upset or something. Like, there are a zillion other things to talk about. Maybe I am being “too sensitive” but that’s just how I feel.

Well, that’s it for this blog post! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’m really excited about getting back to my daily blogging, very soon. Right now, I still have a few things I’m doing. I’m really glad that you decided to give this post a read.

As always, everything I wrote in this post is focused around my opinions, and my feelings. Sure, you can share your opinions on Halloween with me if you wanna. I apologize in advance if anyone is offended by this blog post, but just a teeny tiny reminder; this is Planet Gabrielle. This is one of the only places where I’m truly open and honest…it’s almost like my diary, but not that deep. Do you really think I would be that open?

You should totally share this blog post with all your friends and stuff! If you don’t have friends, I feel for you. If you do have like really good friends, let them know you love them. Those are the best kind to have. Also, if you wanna, we can be internet friends! Hit me up on Twitter or Instagram! And if you liked me on Facebook, that would amazeballs.

Until next time! Always remember you’re perfect. Perfectly you! Xo






A Mismatched Play List!

Hello! Welcome to Planet Gabrielle.

How has everyone been? I really miss blogging so much, and it’s only been a couple of weeks! Today is the first day of Fall and I am so happy!

You know the main thing (that’s actually kind of basic) that I’m most excited about because it’s Fall?

Pumpkin spice lattes.




You know that I totally would have been blogging this entire time if I could. On the contrary, I’ve been working on some very important projects. Remember I told you guys that I got a two book contract? (as London Tipton would say, “Yay me!”) Well I’ve been working super hard on my first book! Exciting, right?

I won’t tell you too much about it right now, but I will say (proudly) that it is realistic fiction. How awesome is that? I always knew my first book would be a work of fiction. I’m so smart. My book will be called Mismatched by the way, and it is the first book in a trilogy. You can look out for it some time next year!

Do you guys want to know the main thing that keeps me burning up that keyboard?

My play list.

Sure, being the music maniac that I am, I have more than one play list that I listen to on a daily basis. I have several play lists I have made for when I’m writing/working. But, I’ve narrowed this play list down to 15 songs that I listen to the most while I’m grinding at 4 or 5 in the morning.

I present to you: A Mismatched Play List!

1. Jump – Van Halen

2. Girls On Film – Duran Duran

3. Hurricane – Halsey

4. Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division

5. Shake It Out – Florence + The Machine

6. You Will Never Run – Rend Collective

7. Drag Me Down – One Direction

8. Another One Bites The Dust – Queen

9. Livin’ On A Prayer – Bon Jovi

10. In The Light – DC Talk

11. Here – Alessia Cara

12. Colors – Halsey

13. Walk By Faith – Jeremy Camp

14. Same Old Love – Selena Gomez

15. Love Feels Like – tobyMac feat. DC Talk

And that my writing play list!

I can’t wait to get back into the flow of blogging weekly very soon. I miss you guys! You know you miss me too, don’t deny it!

Be sure to follow me on Twitter, check me out on Instagram, and like me on Facebook!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week! And always remember, you’re perfect. Perfectly you! Xo

6 Ways To Get Over The Jerk Who Broke Your Heart

Hello! Welcome to Planet Gabrielle.

So not much has changed since I last blogged. Well, one thing has changed dramatically.

I’m 17 now!

It feels so weird, and I don’t know if I will ever get used to not being sweet 16. Although, 16 was just filled with business meetings and writing, and more writing so it wasn’t as teeny boppy as I thought it was going to be. 15 was a lot more teeny boppy.

I’m not complaining because being 16 did have its perks. Now, I’m really growing up. My next birthday, I’ll be 18. And a lot of my peers think that I should be excited about this, but I’m not. I want to legally stay a minor for as long as I want to, and I’m just not ready to grow up yet. Whatever, I’m sure I’ll be okay.

Anyway, this week, I thought we’d talk some more about boys. Because, that’s a topic that’s going to last us a few blog posts.

Last time, I blogged about how to tell if a guy is not right for you. This week, I’m going to skip around and blog about how to get over a guy that you were kind of with, but not really with. I was going to blog about how to tell if a guy is right for you, but I haven’t had the most luck in that department yet. I’ll be sure to let you know when I do, though.

So I present to you…

6 Ways To Get Over The Jerk Who Broke Your Heart.

1. Cry About It

Clearly after things end with the guy you thought was perfect boyfriend material, one of the first things you’re going to want to do is cry. Not unless you’re one of those Before He Cheats girls. I love that song, but if you want to go vandalize the guy’s car, then that’s on you.

Crying over a guy is okay; there’s nothing wrong with it. Even if this guy didn’t deserve you in the first place, he still hurt your feelings, and made you feel silly for trying to be in love. Sob over it for as long as you need to; don’t listen to your friends and all the other people around you who say stuff like:

“Oh, you’re STILL crying over him?”

“You need to just move on!”

“How long are you going to be hung up on this?”

Honestly, they have not been through what you have been through with this guy, so ignore them. Some of them may think they’re helping you, but don’t be scared to tell them to back off. You will get over this in your own timing, not theirs. Just don’t get so deep into the crying state, that you’re like this practically all the time:

2. Make A Sad Playlist

Music helps us express tons of different emotions we don’t know how to put into words. I personally have a playlist for everything; for when I feel happy, for when I have a crush on someone (which is hardly ever these days not unless you want to count my celebrity crushes…I don’t have a playlist for that, I promise I’m not that creepy) and of course a playlist of break up songs. I’ve always been prepared to have my heart broken. I had my break up playlist ready ever since the 6th grade. Most of the songs on there were from Miranda Cosgrove, Selena Gomez & The Scene or music from Victorious…and yes, even some Big Time Rush. What? Til I Forget About You is still a good break up song!

Now, I’ve updated it since I’ve actually had little experience with boys now. And just in case you want to know my top songs from my break up playlist…

Miss Movin’ On – Fifth Harmony

Clean – Taylor Swift

Tonight I’m Getting Over You – Carly Rae Jepsen

Wasting All These Tears – Cassadee Pope

So there you have it. I recommend that you make your own playlist of sassy songs/break up songs. I honestly make a different one for each time I have a things that ends with a boy. Make multiple playlists, just one, or listen to the song that helps you the most on repeat. It’s up to you!

3. Emotional Cleaning

After I went through my first few heartbreaks, I learned that it feels amazing to go through your things and have an emotional cleaning. This may include giving away the outfit you wore when you first met this guy, throwing away anything that may remind you of him, and even deleting all the pictures you have of him on your phone or computer.

Emotional cleaning also means unfollowing the guy on all social media platforms, and even deleting the messages you have with them. Especially if he’s already moved on sooner than later with another girl. Watching that go down on your timeline or dashboard is just going to wreck you inside. Even if you are so sure that you’re over him, you should never risk it.

4. Realize That You Are A Queen

It might take you a while to regain all the confidence you once had after your heartbreak. But once you begin to get it back, you should be totally and completely unapologetic about it. Realizing that the boy who broke your heart just wasn’t good enough for you anyway, is one of the first steps of recovery. Some might see you as arrogant or self-centered during this time, but don’t worry. You have the right to do whatever you need to do to get over this. And you’re right; you do deserve better than a guy who’s going to use you for a side chick, cheat on you, or go around telling your personal business. You deserve the best because you really are a queen. *Gives you an invisible crown*

5. Surround Yourself With Friends

When I say surround yourself with friends, I mean the friends who aren’t going to question everything you’re doing to get over this heartbreak. You should be around the friends who support you and have a shoulder for you to cry on at all times just in case you need to shed a few tears. You need friends you can talk about the deep stuff with, friends who will listen. Negative people should not be allowed in your circle at this time. Heck, negative people shouldn’t be in your life to begin with. Positive energy is the only kind of energy you need.

6. Don’t Stalk Him

I know we all get tempted to do this every once in a while.

After we end things with a guy this day and age, we like to go creep up on his Instagram or Twitter to see who he’s talking to, how he’s doing, and most importantly, if he’s moved on. But you know what? This honestly isn’t going to help you move on in anyway. If anything else, this is going to just make the process of moving on much harder for you.

The first time I creeped on a guy’s Instagram, I found out that he had a girlfriend the whole time he was talking to me. So technically, I was just his side chick he was hoping to use for a fun time. Of course after he learned I was serious about being sexually abstinent, he ran for the hills, without even explaining himself to me. I know right? It was so messed up. He was a coward anyway. But the point is, stalking him on Instagram basically felt like pouring salt into the wounds I was working so hard to heal. You can never truly move on until you stop worrying about what he’s doing, and focus on you instead. Don’t worry about him! Just do you.

Well, you’ve reached the end of this blog post! I hope that this post has helped you in some way, made you feel even the least bit better, or was just fun to read.

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I hope you enjoy the rest of your week! And always remember you’re perfect. Perfectly you! Xo