6 Ways To Get Over The Jerk Who Broke Your Heart

Hello! Welcome to Planet Gabrielle.

So not much has changed since I last blogged. Well, one thing has changed dramatically.

I’m 17 now!

It feels so weird, and I don’t know if I will ever get used to not being sweet 16. Although, 16 was just filled with business meetings and writing, and more writing so it wasn’t as teeny boppy as I thought it was going to be. 15 was a lot more teeny boppy.

I’m not complaining because being 16 did have its perks. Now, I’m really growing up. My next birthday, I’ll be 18. And a lot of my peers think that I should be excited about this, but I’m not. I want to legally stay a minor for as long as I want to, and I’m just not ready to grow up yet. Whatever, I’m sure I’ll be okay.

Anyway, this week, I thought we’d talk some more about boys. Because, that’s a topic that’s going to last us a few blog posts.

Last time, I blogged about how to tell if a guy is not right for you. This week, I’m going to skip around and blog about how to get over a guy that you were kind of with, but not really with. I was going to blog about how to tell if a guy is right for you, but I haven’t had the most luck in that department yet. I’ll be sure to let you know when I do, though.

So I present to you…

6 Ways To Get Over The Jerk Who Broke Your Heart.

1. Cry About It

Clearly after things end with the guy you thought was perfect boyfriend material, one of the first things you’re going to want to do is cry. Not unless you’re one of those Before He Cheats girls. I love that song, but if you want to go vandalize the guy’s car, then that’s on you.

Crying over a guy is okay; there’s nothing wrong with it. Even if this guy didn’t deserve you in the first place, he still hurt your feelings, and made you feel silly for trying to be in love. Sob over it for as long as you need to; don’t listen to your friends and all the other people around you who say stuff like:

“Oh, you’re STILL crying over him?”

“You need to just move on!”

“How long are you going to be hung up on this?”

Honestly, they have not been through what you have been through with this guy, so ignore them. Some of them may think they’re helping you, but don’t be scared to tell them to back off. You will get over this in your own timing, not theirs. Just don’t get so deep into the crying state, that you’re like this practically all the time:

2. Make A Sad Playlist

Music helps us express tons of different emotions we don’t know how to put into words. I personally have a playlist for everything; for when I feel happy, for when I have a crush on someone (which is hardly ever these days not unless you want to count my celebrity crushes…I don’t have a playlist for that, I promise I’m not that creepy) and of course a playlist of break up songs. I’ve always been prepared to have my heart broken. I had my break up playlist ready ever since the 6th grade. Most of the songs on there were from Miranda Cosgrove, Selena Gomez & The Scene or music from Victorious…and yes, even some Big Time Rush. What? Til I Forget About You is still a good break up song!

Now, I’ve updated it since I’ve actually had little experience with boys now. And just in case you want to know my top songs from my break up playlist…

Miss Movin’ On – Fifth Harmony

Clean – Taylor Swift

Tonight I’m Getting Over You – Carly Rae Jepsen

Wasting All These Tears – Cassadee Pope

So there you have it. I recommend that you make your own playlist of sassy songs/break up songs. I honestly make a different one for each time I have a things that ends with a boy. Make multiple playlists, just one, or listen to the song that helps you the most on repeat. It’s up to you!

3. Emotional Cleaning

After I went through my first few heartbreaks, I learned that it feels amazing to go through your things and have an emotional cleaning. This may include giving away the outfit you wore when you first met this guy, throwing away anything that may remind you of him, and even deleting all the pictures you have of him on your phone or computer.

Emotional cleaning also means unfollowing the guy on all social media platforms, and even deleting the messages you have with them. Especially if he’s already moved on sooner than later with another girl. Watching that go down on your timeline or dashboard is just going to wreck you inside. Even if you are so sure that you’re over him, you should never risk it.

4. Realize That You Are A Queen

It might take you a while to regain all the confidence you once had after your heartbreak. But once you begin to get it back, you should be totally and completely unapologetic about it. Realizing that the boy who broke your heart just wasn’t good enough for you anyway, is one of the first steps of recovery. Some might see you as arrogant or self-centered during this time, but don’t worry. You have the right to do whatever you need to do to get over this. And you’re right; you do deserve better than a guy who’s going to use you for a side chick, cheat on you, or go around telling your personal business. You deserve the best because you really are a queen. *Gives you an invisible crown*

5. Surround Yourself With Friends

When I say surround yourself with friends, I mean the friends who aren’t going to question everything you’re doing to get over this heartbreak. You should be around the friends who support you and have a shoulder for you to cry on at all times just in case you need to shed a few tears. You need friends you can talk about the deep stuff with, friends who will listen. Negative people should not be allowed in your circle at this time. Heck, negative people shouldn’t be in your life to begin with. Positive energy is the only kind of energy you need.

6. Don’t Stalk Him

I know we all get tempted to do this every once in a while.

After we end things with a guy this day and age, we like to go creep up on his Instagram or Twitter to see who he’s talking to, how he’s doing, and most importantly, if he’s moved on. But you know what? This honestly isn’t going to help you move on in anyway. If anything else, this is going to just make the process of moving on much harder for you.

The first time I creeped on a guy’s Instagram, I found out that he had a girlfriend the whole time he was talking to me. So technically, I was just his side chick he was hoping to use for a fun time. Of course after he learned I was serious about being sexually abstinent, he ran for the hills, without even explaining himself to me. I know right? It was so messed up. He was a coward anyway. But the point is, stalking him on Instagram basically felt like pouring salt into the wounds I was working so hard to heal. You can never truly move on until you stop worrying about what he’s doing, and focus on you instead. Don’t worry about him! Just do you.

Well, you’ve reached the end of this blog post! I hope that this post has helped you in some way, made you feel even the least bit better, or was just fun to read.

Don’t forget to share this with all your fave people! You should even share this with people who aren’t your faves, because they go through this kind of stuff too, ya know. Also, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and like my Facebook page!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week! And always remember you’re perfect. Perfectly you! Xo









  1. Victoria Font · September 2, 2015

    I LOVE it. Particularly the “don’t stalk him” point haha! I remember the first time I ever got my heart broken, and I facebook creeped everything he did. I realized though, once I stopped acting cray cray πŸ˜‰ , that it’s easier (and waaayy healthier) to move on if you let go sooner and stop torturing yourself through social media. Anyways, Keep writing girl! You’re on point with what you do! πŸ˜€


    • gcbrielle · September 2, 2015

      Victoria! β˜ΊπŸ’˜ thank you so much for reading and commenting.


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