5 Reasons Why I Don’t Like Halloween

Hello! Welcome to Planet Gabrielle.

So basically, I have a love/hate relationship with the month of October. I love that it starts to get cold outside, (because summer is so awful and I strongly dislike it) I get to start wearing boots, black tights and oversize sweaters, and pumpkin spice lattes are in season! October is literally so perfect in every way. The only thing I don’t like about October is the holiday that everyone seems to love so much: Halloween.

Go ahead, gasp in disbelief. I’m used to that reaction.

I’ve never celebrated Halloween in my life, and honestly, I would never want to. It’s just not how I was raised. Why would I want to celebrate Satan, Lord of the dead? Remember, I’m a “crazy Christian girl” so that’s like no.

Since everyone I’ve ever known loves Halloween, (doesn’t matter if they’re a believer or not) I decided to blog about the struggles of being the only one who strongly dislikes this holiday.

So I present to you…

5 Reasons Why I Don’t Like Halloween!

Having To Tell Everyone

No, I can’t come to the Halloween party, no I don’t want any Halloween candy. You know why? Because I don’t celebrate Halloween.

People have so many different reactions when I tell them that I don’t like/celebrate one of the biggest holidays of the year. They either feel sorry for me, or they can’t even begin to imagine a life without the candy and demon filled day. Really, it’s not that bad. The worst part of it all, is having to tell the people who just assume that you celebrate it just like everybody else. Like come on guys. There are plenty of people who don’t celebrate their birthdays, Christmas or even Thanksgiving. We all have our reasons. Why must you question me?

And by the way, don’t offer me any Halloween candy, either. The last time I had something with jack-o-lantern wrapping paper back in elementary school, I got sick.

Christians Who Actually Think It’s Okay

Alright, so the one thing I’ve never really understood ever since I was a little girl, is why there are people who call themselves Christians who celebrate Halloween. I’m sorry, but that just doesn’t make much sense to me. And hosting a “Trick or Trunk” in the parking lot of a church doesn’t make things any better.

When I was in elementary school and I had to explain to my friends that I didn’t want to go trick or treating with them, they asked me why I didn’t celebrate Halloween. After I told them that my mother didn’t want for my brother and I to participate, (btw I am old enough to decide now. Just like sexual abstinence, it’s my choice) they told me that their parents didn’t feel too good about the holiday either. Several of them actually repeated their mothers’ words to me, saying, “Halloween is the devil’s birthday.”

Okay…and is that supposed to be some kind of sign from God that it’s totally okay to participate? Sorry, but I guess I never got the memo.

It’s Literally Everywhere. Like, everywhere.

Even some people who do celebrate Halloween notice this.

Halloween decorations, candy and costumes begin to surface around my birthday, which is in August. Halloween being one of my least favorite things ever, you can only imagine how much this upsets me. It’s like how am I supposed to have a happy birthday when I go in Walmart and there’s a green witch or zombie waiting for me around every corner? Like, eww no.

Things start to progress during September, and there are more decorations of demons, ghosts of death, large hairy spiders (which I do not like any time of the year) and gross green witches. Halloween slowly but surely begins to take over.

By the time October comes around, the count down to Halloween begins. Also, by this time, we’re all being suffocated by Halloween commercials, advertisements, and just orange and black stuff everywhere. Not a single day goes by in October where the topic of Halloween doesn’t come up at least three time a day. Doesn’t matter if it’s in a face to face conversation, on social media, or on television.

There is literally no chill.

It’s especially awkward when you’ve never celebrated Halloween. You have to go around looking forward to everything going back to normal the next month.

Trick or Treaters

I lived the majority of my childhood years in the same house. Therefore, after a while, everyone in the neighborhood just kinda knew that my family wasn’t going to be answering the door Halloween night, let alone give out any candy.

When we moved, it was kind of weird because the new neighbors we had, didn’t know that my family and I don’t celebrate Halloween. Last September, we moved to some place new. When Halloween night came around, I could literally feel the trick or treaters coming. So I took the liberty in taking a blank white sheet of paper, and writing in Sharpie, “NO TRICK OR TREATERS” and I even drew a big black cross. Maybe some people might think that’s mean. But it’s not – it’s just the way I am. And you better know that I’m doing to be doing the same thing this year. I can’t wait. #crazychristiangirl.

Feeling Strangely Left Out

Even though I’ve never celebrated Halloween, (and probably never will) it feels really weird when my friends would talk about their Halloween plans in front of me. They would talk about their costumes, the parties they were going to attend, stuff like that. It’s like, I know I’m not celebrating this demonic holiday, but seriously. Sometimes it feels like people talk about it in front of me just to see if they can get me upset or something. Like, there are a zillion other things to talk about. Maybe I am being “too sensitive” but that’s just how I feel.

Well, that’s it for this blog post! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’m really excited about getting back to my daily blogging, very soon. Right now, I still have a few things I’m doing. I’m really glad that you decided to give this post a read.

As always, everything I wrote in this post is focused around my opinions, and my feelings. Sure, you can share your opinions on Halloween with me if you wanna. I apologize in advance if anyone is offended by this blog post, but just a teeny tiny reminder; this is Planet Gabrielle. This is one of the only places where I’m truly open and honest…it’s almost like my diary, but not that deep. Do you really think I would be that open?

You should totally share this blog post with all your friends and stuff! If you don’t have friends, I feel for you. If you do have like really good friends, let them know you love them. Those are the best kind to have. Also, if you wanna, we can be internet friends! Hit me up on Twitter or Instagram!

Until next time! Always remember you’re perfect. Perfectly you! Xo







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